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Galaxy M13 clears another regulatory hurdle on its way to the market

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Samsung has a new budget phone in the works called the Galaxy M13. The device will be available with LTE connectivity, although Samsung also appears to have a 5G variant in development.

The Galaxy M13 LTE was spotted earlier this week at the FCC rocking model number “SM-M135M.” It’s the same model number that Bluetooth revealed on its certification website a few weeks ago.

The FCC ran tests on the Galaxy M13 LTE using a 15W charger, which may or may not hint at the phone’s maximum charging speed. But considering the Galaxy M13’s expected price range, i.e., it’s a budget phone, 15W charging seems reasonable.

With another regulatory hurdle out of the way, Samsung could release the Galaxy M13 LTE soon. We suspect that the budget smartphone will be launched without much fanfare, but we’ll keep you up to speed.

The Galaxy M13 LTE will have dual-SIM capabilities, and should offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The 5G model was rumored to boast a display with a 90Hz refresh rate, but we’ll see if the LTE variant has the same alleged hardware configuration.


Source. Sammibile.com