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If you noticed that our m SERIES devices does not include Samsungs major features like BIXBY, Knox, Samsung Goodlock app. But our phones can handle that feature. So it you want to get rid of that limitations and IF YOU WANT SAMSUNG GOODLOCK APP, BIXBY, KNOX THERE IS A WAY. 

Goto settings -> about phone -> contact us and click ask question and past following letter.

To: Production Manager of production manager and Manager of the software Department, Samsung m20 and Samsung a30 has same hardware. Same chipset. But they run completely different operating systems. A30 has completed one ui and m20 run some kind of basic featured android system. Samsung galaxy a30 have Bixby, Knox, Samsung Good lock app, and other one ui features. But Samsung m20 doesn't have Bixby, knox and Doesn't even compatible with Good Lock. While Samsung m20 and a30 has same hardware why can't Samsung give to their own customers to satisfaction. Can you tell me in the future os update will Samsung gives at least Good lock compatibility to galaxy m20??? We don't want some kind of limited functions optimised operating system crap. Consider it PLEASE. We just want to know in the future android q update will optimised os crap or not? Why galaxy m SERIES having this limited functional optimizations? Note: We dont accept robotic replay for this message.