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Exclusive: Samsung may not be done launching Galaxy M phones in 2020

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Exclusive: Samsung may not be done launching Galaxy M phones in 2020

Just a few weeks back, we saw a lot of back and forth in the rumor mill about whether Samsung would launch the Galaxy M41. The most recent report suggests the phone has been cancelled, and that may indeed be the case considering Samsung has already released the Galaxy M51. But while the M41 might never see the light of day, we have learned that Samsung has started working on the Galaxy M42, along with the Galaxy M12s.

Samsung is cooking up two new Galaxy M phones that carry model numbers SM-M425F and SM-M127F, according to our sources. We’re told the SM-M425F will have a 64MP main camera and 128GB of storage and its software is already under development, suggesting it could launch in the market before this eventful year is through. As for the SM-M217F, we have no information on this device at this time, though we can safely assume it will have entry-level specs that won’t knock our socks off in any way.

It’s also not confirmed that these devices will launch as the Galaxy M42 and Galaxy M12s, but that’s likely going to be the case if the model numbers are anything to go by. As usual, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new details and will let you know as soon as we get them, so if you’re interested in Samsung’s value-packed Galaxy M lineup, be sure to keep checking back!