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Complaint about M30s Motherboard issue.

(Topic created on: 11-27-2020 09:21 PM)
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Last year 10th October , I bought a samsung galaxy M30s . for last 1YR (That is warranty period) it would would working fine. After wards that is last update (october 2020) it would be crashed .

             I would send the mobile to authorised service center. They told it was motherboard issue , the replacement cost of motherboard may be around Rs 8000. So in which way it would happens after updating the software. I Investigate via Internet on Samsung complaints website . Approximately lot of persons complaining about the same issue. we didnt expecting these from reputed company like SAMSUNG.

 So kindly recovery all crashed mobiles and provide defect free update as well as mobile as soon as possible.

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Ditto, same problem with my m30s...With the recent software update, my m30s is restarting 100s of times in a day; after searching internet on this, could find so many users facing this problem, Samsung need to answer, what is wrong...this all happened after the recent software update...Samsung, kindly answer...don't ask all m30s users to go and have it checked  at service center pls

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Same to same thing is happening to me... more than 100 times phone has been restarted. did you guys get any solution?

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we will not get any update. pls dont go to service center if you go be ready to pay 9000 for mother board even if your mother board is in good conditions

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exactly....same happens to me

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bhai ek baat ajtak samjh nay ayaa itna kamzor mother board ku lagagate h jb itna paisa lete h
baaki company ka kabhi motherboard issue nahi hotaaa h kewal inka hi
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Sir/Madam, What do i do if ive sent the error report n number of times..ive visited service centre, flashed the firmware still same issue...now changing motherboard costs 8k.. This was my first samsung phone after having bought chinese brands and was so hopeful with the samsung brand when they introduced this m series and made it affordable...now all the hopes are shattered..its just been few months above the warranty period..few people have commented to update via odin, smart switch..We were never provided instructions to not download updates or use specific apps..being a common man and not techies...how do we manage this situation? Kindly respond..Awaiting your reply..

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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We would request you to kindly send us the screenshot, video and error log file with in 15 minutes of issue occurrence through error report section from Samsung Member Application:-
Samsung member application > Click on get help > Send feedback > Error report, so that we can help you out with this.

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support

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After sending error files and screenshots also video unable rectifie problems. Samsung should call back all problematic M30s and make it working correctly. Free of costs
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Yes exactly! This should be recovered asap because of the cost of replacing the motherboard is almost equal to the cost of the phone.