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I bought Samsung m30s and the camera is pathetic front back and video is not clear it has a clarity of 2 mega pixels

I went to the borivali service centre and the person denied taking my phone for service saying that company has said the camera is inbuilt and it is just this way we are selling and we can't repair the camera

After my lot request she took my phone and registered for a check and after 3 hours they called me to collect 

Now I'll collect it on Monday but if still the camera is pathetic 

I'll lodge a complaint against Samsung in consumer forum

Stating they are selling a defective m30s in the market with zero customer service 

Also I'll be claiming a refund or camera part repair

Pathetic and **bleep** 

I'll never again try Samsung 

And will communicate others too to not buy

Don't worry, if the camera is faulty then it will be replaced.
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please send a mail to Samsung
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same here. At a price of Rs11k they are selling phones with 32bit os. wah!
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

Please be assured and perform following methods to resolve the Camera issue:-

1. Please clear data or cache of Camera Application(Tap Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage > Clear Cache/data)

2. Check device in safe mode - Using Safe Mode on a Samsung phone allows you to force the device to run the essential operating system, and disable most 3rd party applications.
To enter in safe mode: Press and hold the Power key, when Power off icon appears>Press and hold the power off icon.
To Exit safe mode: Restart the device.

3. Reset the Device :- Kindly create data backup of your device via SMART switch mobile application or http://www.samsung.com/in/support/smartswitch pc suite
How to reset :- Settings>General Management>Reset

If the issue still persist, kindly register your concern in Samsung Members app (Samsung Members app > Get help > Feedback > Error report/ask question).
Note: Please send device log files within 15 minutes of issue occurrence along with the exact issue details.

Thank you for writing to Samsung.

Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support