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Camara Filters

(Topic created on: 04-14-2022 07:52 AM)
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Who knows Add more beauty Camara Filters for Samsung galaxy M02s . Like candy camara filters etc.Please 
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No, you Can't in your default samsung camera application 😃
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M02s only bro?
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Bro you saying it can download only using M02s🤔
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No bro. I'm asking is this restriction for budget devices only? Because all the phones I used could add filters through the stock camera(J7 pro, M30s, A72, S22 Ultra).🤔
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Bro this is the problem , kind a restriction bro not for all the devices
Couse budget 😑
*J7 pro was a kind a midrange device in 2017-2018
* M30s was a midranger in 2019
* A72 was a super midrange in 2021-2022
* S22 ultra is a currently flagships device from Samsung

So M02s is budget device , so i think you get that point
Do you wanna more features so you wanna afford lot of money 💰 features = money 🤑
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Yeah bro. That's why I asked. Because I didn't got a chance to use a budget device...🥲. What is your device bro?
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Galaxy A20s😁
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So your device doesn't have these bro???🥲
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Yep bro🥲