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CA disabled in Samsung Galaxy M42 5G due to Samsung Update

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Ref: CA disabled in Samsung Galaxy M42 5G
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As advised by Samsung support team I finally visited the Samsung authorized service center located at Samsung Opera House, Bangalore on 30 Jun 2021 (after lockdown restrictions eased off in Bangalore). Handed over my Samsung Galaxy M42 5G phone to Service technician informing the network issue, CA issue and my interaction with Customer Support.

The service center is well organized and got my turn after a wait of 2 hours. The service center engineer took about 45 to 50 minutes to flash new software. But the sad part is that there is no improvement in the phone. The network speed is almost 1/3 in comparison to a Samsung Galaxy C9 pro as well as Readme 7 pro.

To my utter surprise the service engineer himself was not familiar with Carrier Aggregatin(CA) concept and feature. The service mode number *#0011# did respond with CA-Not Config 0 0 on this Samsung M425G phone but with different status on his samsung phone.

He has confirmed that there is a software lock on this phone and as this has been reported by many users with Samsung they will release a patch to rectify the problem soon. He also promised to revert back by Monday ( i.e. by 5 Jul 21 ) on the status.

I sincerely feel I am been deceived by Samsung dispatching a locked product while many users in market as well the phones in their showroom do have CA enabled and functions with higher internet speed. May I request you to recall this defective unit and replace an fully functional unit in lieu else refund the product money to enable me to purchase an alternate product.


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