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Since 3 days my phone is getting rebooted on it's own without my permission. 

I checked the settings but everything is fine there. Something to notice when this happens is that the applications I had in my tabs or the one which I would have been using before this happened stay open in the tabs . I never see a closing screen when the phone gets rebooted on it's own,  there's just a starting screen where it writes the company's name .
Please tell me what should I do ?

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Dear Samsung member,


Greetings from Samsung Customer support!


Be assure below given steps will solve the issue:-


1) Safe Mode:- Power off the device > Press and hold the Power key for one or two seconds to turn on the device > When the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume down key.(To exit safe mode restart your device)
2) Check storage:-Settings > Device care > Storage > Check available storage space.
3) Third party applications can also cause auto restart ( Uninstall the third party applications ).
4) Remove memory card and check :- Apps > Settings > Device maintenance > Storage > More option > Storage settings > SD card > Unmount. etc


If issue still persist please do send the log file via, Samsung member > Get help > Send feedback > Error reports > Select Symptom category. So that we can provide you the better assistance.(Note:-You are requested to send it within 15 minutes of problem occur).

Thank you for writing to Samsung.


Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support