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dear samsung developer team
please provide following feature in j7 pro along with oreo as it is top j series smartphone
1.Electronic image stabilisation
2.face unlock
3.dolmy atmos
4. dual volte
5. add hdr mode for front camera
6.add slow motion if possible
.if you provide following feature along with oreo 8.1 then you can get more respect and valuable feedback from customer so i request you to please provide such essential feature in j7 pro such that we can trust samsung .
Active Level 7
1. no
2. may be
3. no

because your processor doesnot support it
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Please know that we are continuously working to improve the Samsung customer experience, and we have taken your feedback into consideration. We want to improve Samsung so it serves your needs and is the best product it can be. If you have any other suggestions you would like to share with our product team, please let us know. Your comments and requests are greatly appreciated. We appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas.

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