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I bought the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro from Last Dewali, the phone's performance was Awsome up to the next 6 months
I remember that on May 15 when I used the phone in the morning, the phone's external speaker Was not working,

I restored the phone off, but the voice did not come from the speaker.I went to the service center, checked the phone and they updated the software but the speaker was not correct. Then after checking the phone, he said that the speaker will have to change. I submitted the phone and the next day the speaker was working and I got it,
After then suddenly I had same problem last week , Then the next day I went to the service center but this time the serive center said that the parts were not available and phone would be submitt for 3 to 5 days . I did not submit the phone due to being busy in the office. and using phone with muted speaker.
suddenly Phone battery was lost today morning, then the phone was put on the switch off mode when the phone was charging and I used the phone and listened that the spekaer was automatically cured.
how come it is possible? why this happens occurred? may I know?
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Thank you for reaching out to the Samsung community! We would like to inform you that there may be some software glitch due to which speaker issue has been occurred. Sometimes a simple restart fixes the issue.

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