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I have j7 pro model and I have suffered from slow charging issue from last 2 to 3 days ago. Before my battery was charged with 2 hours but Now my battery is taking 4 hour to charge.
Could you help me anyone to me about this issue
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Have you tried with a different charger?
yes I have tried 2 different chargers but no result found
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J7 pro released in 2017, So its about 3 years old now .
firstly Check for the following reasons:
1.Charging USB cable might be damaged.Try with other cable
2.Try to charge your device with official samsung charger
3. Charging port may be damaged.
4. Battery may be damaged
5. Weak power source
If above reasons are not the issue i think you sholud wait and visit a service centre after this lockdown.Hope it helps you
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Change Charger's cable first with official. Even not, then change the Charger with Samsung-approved one & then try.
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does your samsung charger charge other devices check that
if yes then charging port needs repairs
u have one ui2???
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j7 pro is not supported fast charging so it's take nearly 3 hours to charge full battery
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Dear Samsung Member,


Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!


Kindly follow the below mentioned step to improve the performance of the device:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc: On the home screen swipe down the notification panel> Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other connectivity features when not using them.
  2. Close background running apps: Close all the background running apps when not using them.
  3. Avoid usage of mobile phone during charging: avoid the usage of the mobile phone while charging.


For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Samsung Members App > Feedback >Error report > Attach log file for any issue)


Thank you for writing to Samsung.


Warm Regards,
Samsung Customer Support