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Galaxy J
Getting very slow performance for only 3 months of useage
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Galaxy J
Thanks for being with Samsung and sharing your concern. We would like to offer some troubleshooting steps to overcome the issue of hanging :
1) Request you to keep atleast minimum 20% internal memory free in your device(Setting-->Device Maintenance-->Storage)
2) Also clear the RAM memory of your device(Setting-->Device Maintenance-->RAM-->Clean Now)
3) Kindly close the background running applications in the device(Tap the left side key & close the background running application) because too many applications running in background may also cause the device to hang.
4) Due to some 3rd party applications from Play Store or any other Unknown sources, device might also hang.So I will advice you to run the device in safe mode & if problem does not exist in Safe mode so uninstall the 3rd party application which may cause the device to hang(Uninstall it one by one)
5) If you are using memory card in your device so I will advice you to safetly remove it from your device.
6) Request you to don't use 3rd Party Accessories with the device (Like Charger, USB Cable etc)
7) Is Speed limiter(CPU speed) On or Off in Power saving mode.When Power saving mode stage is medium or maximum.If it is in medium or maximum stage kindly off the Speed limiter(CPU speed)(Setting-->Device maintenance-->Battery-->Power saving mode-->off the Speed limiter(CPU speed) in medium or maximum stage).
😎 Kindly create the data backup of your device via SMARTswitch mobile application or SMART switch pc suite & reset the device(Setting-->General Management-->Reset-->Factory data reset)
9) Kindly update (if available)your device software via FOTA,SMART switch or Smart Tool is intended to improve device's performance
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