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factory reboot

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Hey last night i done factory reboot on my Samsung Galaxy J5 prime now i done all the settings and updates but my games can't play. I manage to download it but it keep on making screen blank when it suppose to launch

Samsung J4 Resolved!

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My Samsung phone will not send out my emails what do i do, have checked with Service provider on outgoing server and all is ok but still cannot send emails

Posted by: Bossey
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phonebook Resolved!

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Hi. I deleted some files on my internal storage and now both my phonebook and messages I'm having no access to. I cant save any new contacts and the message icon do not open. Phonebook keeps on saying "contacts updating". Anyone pls assist me. I'm de...

Posted by: tokkie
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speaker Resolved!

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Hi guys m having difficulties when m trying to make a call i cant hear the person on the other side and i also the other person cant hear me but when i put it on loud speaker everything is back to normal we can communicate even on bluetooth we can co...