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I'm tired for the disturbing of advertisment.
When my net is swiched on the add. come .
They tired me.
How can I get ride of this problem?
Please give me a easy solution.
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it's because of third-party apps which you have installed . many 3rd party apps show ad's. CHECK what apps you installed in your phone.
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install adguard
no ads in phone
I suggest you to
1. update your device from setting >software update if avalable.
2. use your device in safe mode for some time if you are facing some issue

Safe Mode allows the device to boot up without  installed third party apps running, which will conserve battery power. 


To start the device in Safe Mode, with the device Powered Off.

① Press and hold Power key.

② Once the animation starts, Press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen appears.

③ Keep the Volume down button until device boots up.

④ Safe Mode is indicated in the lower left hand side when enabled.

⑤ To get out of Safe Mode restart the device.
if you don't get these add on safe mode then you have to uninstall 3rd party app
if your problem is not solve you can ask again
 you can also call Samsung Customer Care Number 1800-40-726-7864
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