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How to check Software updates on my Mobile Phone?

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Operating system updates are released periodically for your device. If you are having difficulty with your device, you should always check for updates as a fix for the problem may have been released.


Software upgrades may be available for your device and will enhance functionality and security. However, updates are device dependant and not every Samsung device will run the latest Android version.


Software updates fall into two general types:  operating system updates and security updates. Please note that the type and version of update available will depend on your model. 


Android code names are named after sweets and treats, with major new versions generally released annually. You'll often see operating system updates referred to by their name rather than the version number. 


Pie: Versions 9.0 -

Oreo: Versions 8.0-

Nougat: Versions 7.0-

Marshmallow: Versions 6.0 -

Lollipop: Versions 5.0 -

Kit Kat: Versions 4.4-4.4.4; 4.4W-4.4W.2

Jelly Bean: Versions 4.1-4.3.1

Ice Cream Sandwich: Versions 4.0-4.04 


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give me s7 edge update