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Charging is taking longer time than usual time

(Topic created on: 01-16-2018 12:22 AM)
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I have Samsung J2 (6) 2016 which I bought in the month of September 2016.
Now I am facing a problem while charging,charging the battery is taking longer time than earlier,it is taking approx 4 hours to fulll charge from 0% but earlier it took about 2 hours 50 minutes of time.
I don't understand the real cause behind this.
My battery is not so old,I have changed it about 2 months ago.
Please help me.
Thank you.
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you can change the charger
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Thanks for being with Samsung and for sharing your concern. We would like to inform you that handset is enriched with most powerful features. Performance of battery depends on various factors; any third party application, software glitches may cause trouble. Kindly follow below mentioned steps to overcome the issue.

- We recommend you to charge your handset with original wall charger that came with your handset sales pack.
- Kindly clean the charging point of your charger with a dry and soft cotton cloth to remove unwanted accumulation of dust/waste material.
- You can also check the charging process while device is in switched off mode.
- We also suggest you to charge your handset with alternate Samsung Approved charger to exclude the possibility that current charger is not the root cause of failure.
After doing the above procedure, kindly restart your device and check the performance.

If still issue persists, we request you to operate the device in ‘Safe mode’ as steps mentioned below:
* You need to restart your handset by pressing power key.
* When Samsung logo appears on device’s screen, long press volume down key and keep on pressing it for a few seconds.
* You will see a safe mode label at bottom left side of your handset that implies that safe mode is enabled in the device.
* To exit safe mode, kindly restart your device.
* Note: In safe mode, 3rd party application will be bypassed and handset will work with default applications only. From that, it becomes clear whether it is an issue of the handset or the problem is due to any 3rd party application.

* In case you are facing the same issue, even after following the above mentioned instructions, then please take back-up of important data which is saved in your phone internal memory then perform “Reset”.
* We recommend you to take back up in your PC. Kindly install Smart Switch software in your PC from the below link:
Open soft ware >back up>back up all> select data according to you.
Reset setting: - Settings >General management > reset >Factory Data Reset.

If you continue to face the same issue even after performing the above steps, we request you to visit the nearest authorized service center of Samsung for physical inspection of the handset. We will put in every effort to resolve your case as soon as possible.
The address details of Samsung Service Centers are also available at our website. Please click on the link mentioned below to get more information:
Note - Purchase bill / invoice is mandatory for accessing in-warranty services. We would request you to carry your invoice, 1 photo copy of invoice and all accessories of your handset while visiting service center.

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Solution1:-uninstall (clear data first,then uninstall)and force stop(clear cache first then force stop) unused and unusual apps, clear caches, clear RAM, optimizing battery by putting apps sleep, force stop or disable unused useless preloaded apps...samsung apps,Microsoft apps and Google apps like chrome as it consumes more Ram and background data which results in heavy battery drain,,instead use browser, browser will take less Ram..(eg..via browser under 500KB)..clear or delete useless folder or duplicate folder in file manager... don't install apps from other stores and sites, it will cause your phone damage ..if you install these apps then uninstall it.....Solution2:- change your data cable. and install led blinker notification app, the phone will take less time to charge i am doing this in my j7 16(sAmoled display) and it works perfectly around 20% to 100% in 1:40 or 1:45 hour.... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ledblinker. .....do all these things atleast once a day for best results....apne phone ko update maat karo jab aapka phone thik chal raha h to... update karne se phele 1 mahina ruko or dekho logo ke reviews update ke bare me agar thik hai to.... phir update karo...nonstop phone use karne se bhi problem aati hai isliye phone ko 2..3 din minimum use karo....