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Our days will pass soon......
Nightmares  of being locked in homes will fade soon. Our days will pass soon. 
The piece of cloth which hides our smile 😷makes dull ,bright colors of our clothes will soon be off our face like hats in convocation 

A time has come when social distances cares fr our love 1s ,time will come when we without distance will meet them. A time had come when we fear COVID, a vaccine will come then we will dare COVID.

Our agro lands will be filled with golden crop and sprout soon
Our days will pass soon. 

The unbearable season will soon change. 
The flowers of hope will soon blossom. 
The flag of opportunities will soon be hoist.
The wings of dreams will spread out. 
Our hearts will again desire "don't  stop till u reach the sky " 
The end of pandemic will come soon. 
The end of long break come soon. 

The sound of wedding trumpets will be heard again. The meeting of hearts will give rise to love again. Again a bridegroom will cry in her father's arms. All those baratis will dance again. All those sadness will fade soon. All those days will come soon. 

Our temple will again bethe place of our worship. Our minds will again courage to carry out our almighty 's will. 
No farmer, no Labour, no one will die again of this COVID. 
The end of all grief will come soon. 
Our days will pass soon, very soon. 


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beautiful photos my friend😊👍🤗🥰👌📸