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Wonder why such words exist.πŸ˜•

(Topic created on: 11-02-2021 11:43 PM)
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Someone admonished"EVERY GOOD THING IN LIFE COMES AT A PRICE". Stumbles from a failure to failure .with the same enthusiasm success... Why keeping such enthusiasm....where to get it.?? Why such lines exist.. Hate the feeling when u r tryna feel sad at ur best nd happen to pass by these nothing except more...tears...shots the core of heart.believe.. Wonder why these catalysts exist... Having an impact for a while....then fades away..leaves nothing behind...(a short illusion probably)..except..regrets..... Wonder how inspiring people hav a big heart...... It hurts when u tried ur best but at the end everything was useless But...immune to feelings...its my kind of thing.. (These intricate poor thoughts...alas!!!) 

Thek ha.mana har jeet zindagi ka hissa br br harna..pta nai kia ha😟😟