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Sunset in Highway

(Topic created on: 8/31/20 11:24 PM)
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Driving miles away from the city life,
Sharing a peaceful journey with my wife,
Distance is not a big deal,
As long as you keep control of the wheel.

Life is just a long drive. What makes it interesting is the way you have control of your life throughout your life journey and making the right decisions. Having someone besides you to share your journey will always bring the goods out of you like how this beautiful Sunset bringing out a calm and soothing ambiance throughout the long travel on a boring highway.

Being too hasty will always come with a fine, 
Being too slow will always impact your time,
Being patient and acting right will always make you feel better.

Life is full of adventure, I can go on and on, but what's the point if I am to flood with all my thoughts here.
Let's see if I can pile up another set of interesting thought or view of Life.

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