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(Topic created on: 4/20/21 10:10 AM)
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Very disheartening to see such poor manufacturing condition of s pen🖋️ I was not a Samsung user but always received a great feedback from my friend's about this device, so I ended up using Note 20 ultra which is a beast without doubt but then the issue starts after you purchase the phone and don't expect certain things like your s pen melg inside the phone because of heat, can't replace as it's SD version and the Samsung service center reject to even touch once they know it's a SD version instead of Exynos(the place I live has Exynos version) and they will also make you realise that you made a big mistake by choosing SD version when it's not available in your country but my question is that I didn't pay for this version? Was it free of cost or half the price from normal or its not Samsung products. All I want to say is it's an electronic device and we do understand that it can give issue but the service center was unexpected. Anyways, I wanted to gift the new S21 to my special one but after this I have changed my mind completely 😴😴😴