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Pink vertical line on screen

(Topic created on: 04-18-2024 05:45 PM)
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A vertical pink line appeared on my S20 Ultra 5G screen 4 days ago. I saw it appear as I was using my phone. I checked the solution online and suspected that it is due to the new software or program and restated phone in safe mode, but same pink line was there. Upon further research, I backed up my data and factory reset my phone but there was no fix. Still pink vertical line there. Now only last option is to replace whole screen with new one.

I really hope that Samsung publicly addresses this issue with the new software and S20 phones. I am really frustrated and bothers me a lot. Hoping that a software update to fix this issue will be released as early as possible.

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We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing.

Therefore, if the issue persists we recommend to you to visit the nearest Samsung service center for evaluation and repair by following the link below: