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Photography #withGalaxy

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Hello Members,

Hope you are doing safe in this lock down season. I even got some time off my Work From Hours and got to shoot some amazing shots!!

So here is one of my favourite shots below!

Gokhalenagar, Pune

Looking at the picture you can see how amazing the lush green shades are distinctively visible post sunset.

We all know that it's not an easy task to click pictures at this hour and using my amateur photography skills it was completely impossible.

But wait a minute!

What if I told you I didn't do nothing more than turning on the scene optimiser will do the magic itself. I know it's on by default. So let's take a look at a shot taken back-to-back at the same angle with Scene Optimiser turned off.

Can share the proof if you want!

Amazing isn't it!! I was already lethargic to pick up on my lost photography skills but this feature from #Samsung is gonna make it even harder! LOL!!

  • I used my Galaxy A9 2018 and turned on the camera
  • Remembered the mantra from my photography guru and Brand Ambassador "Nachiket Save" (you can skip this step) 😛
  • Made sure that the #SceneOptimiser is turned on
  • Focused at my subject
  • And tapped the shutter button
So here's a #SuperSlowMo as a bonus. Let me know if it was treat to your eyes!

So, guys pick up your Galaxy, turn on the Scene Optimiser! And show us what you've got! (Apart from the Galaxy ofcourse, like the balcony view, etc.🤓🤓)

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good click
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really amazing sir