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After a very long time , now i free from school studies... a limited study inside our 4 wall (school) ... 

But now i feel free ...😌😌😌 , now i feel i am not a student, i am a man, and i have some responsibility for my parents, my family, my society... and also my country😊😊😊 

Naw i learn AUTO-CAD a grafical design software and mani more, i also learn Photo-shop , premium-pro. , i learn everything not only for Exams, i learn because i love technology ❤ ... 

I also learn many many books, a came to know Indestrial messiness many more ... 

I am Akashdip Mahapatra , a future Engineer 

Thanks to all 
Thanks to Samsung member app .... to give me a space, for express my thoughts😁😁😁