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Hubble Captures Mind-Bending 655-Million-Pixel Image Showing 40 Billion Stars.

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This is gigantic image of the Triangulum Galaxy — also known as Messier 33

Having the ability to observe the vastness of space is perhaps one of the greatest scientific achievements of the human race.

With telescopes located in space, as well as ground-based observatories, scientists from around the world can explore the universe like our ancestors never imagined, as they too watched the sky, studying the cosmos, thousands of years ago.

Now, the Hubble space telescope has recorded a new, sensational image of the cosmos.

It turned towards the Triangulum Galaxy, located some 3 Million Light Years Away from Earth, and pointed its expensive cameras to observe some of the most distant objects in space.

Hubble Observed the Triangulum galaxy which is the third largest member of our local group of the galaxies.

According to astronomers, the Triangulum Galaxy is around 60,000 light-years across.

About the Image

Id                              : heic1901a
Type                         : Observation
Release date           : 7 January 2019, 18:00
Related releases    : heic1901
Size                          : 34372 x 19345 px

About the Object

Name                       : M 33, Messier 33
Type                         : Local Universe : Galaxy : Type :                                      Spiral
Distance                  : 3 million light years
Constellation          : Triangulum
Category                  : Galaxies

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Source: ESA Hubble

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