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Defective Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

(Topic created on: 07-10-2020 04:54 PM)
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Dear All,


This is to inform all of you about the defective pieces of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone being marketed by the company. I bought the phone on 19 -03-2020 and all of a sudden I found a big crack in the middle of the screen from inside. I am certain the the phone did not suffer a physical damage. As of date , there is not even a single scratch on the entire body of the phone. The phone is working properly however, the crack in the middle of the screen appeared out of nowhere. I had taken the phone to the Samsung service centre who refused to repair the phone under warranty. This clearly indicates that the company is selling defective pieces. The photos of my phone have been attached to the job sheet of the service centre which clearly indicates no physical damage of any kind, not even a scratch. This amounts to cheating by the company.  Please advice everyone around you not to buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phones, you might be getting a defective piece. 


Lt Col Shardendu Dhar Pandey (Retd) Mobile no 8336069580