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UNSOLVED!!! Samsung foldZ3 incorrectly restarted or froze issue!!

(Topic created on: 02-07-2022 11:56 AM)
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I am a samsung loyal fan, been using samsung more than a decade. I am an android user so samsung is the best option since. I have waited patiently before changing my s8 to a current one. I even tempted to buy an iphone 13, however, because I am a fan of S. I still choose to buy the Samsung fold z 3. "The HIGH end, one of a kind phone" I did the pre-ordered one. I received my phone last September but I did not use it right away because of my busy schedule. I have no time to transfer my files so mainly that's the reason. I started using the phone in October. The phone was working fine but around Novemeber I'd been noticing that in the morning it restarting by ITSELF. It froze in the middle of emails, texts and reports. I searched on youtube for answers. So I needed to do the hard reset just to turned it on again. I decided to returned my phone in the store in Al Wahda mall where I bought it. They instructed me to go in the service center in abu dhabi mall because I can get my phone after 2 to 3 days after checking. So I did. In the following morning it's still the same. It's restarting by ITSELF! So I just only observing and followed the instructions he gave to me to avoid the issue such as updating my google apps in the google account and closing the apps in the searh engines if I am not using it. Moreover, the issue still the same! I went back to the store again and returned the phone. Then they send it to the service center by themselves. Then after few weeks they called me to pick up the phone. They said no hardware issue, it was all fine, maybe it's just because with the android updates that' why it was affected by it. So okey. When I got home. I noticed they changed from android 12 to android 11. In the next morning the issue still persist. Same unresolved. But I am giving it a try to use it more days for observation. Then it really does persist. I went back again in the store before christmas because I needed them to fix it. I received my phone few weeks after. They told me again that the service center checked on it. NO ISSUE FOUND!!! I noticed that they changed from android 11 to 12 again. Okay, so I just use my phone again. Then still the same. This time I am in Al Ain already. I called the call center 24/7 hotline of samsung for help. They sent me in Reham mall Al Ain samsung service center. Few days after I got my phone back. The service center said to put 2 apps at a time only and observed so I would know which app causes the problem. I did not put sim on my phone and only two apps I installed. At night time, I saw that it restarting by itself again. Then froze! Restarting and froze like 5 times or more in a day. So frustrating and exhuasting calling and talking and going here and there. My phone is in the service center again for the 5 times in the span of 4 month. I have videos and records of logs. I do not understand when will the samsung solve it or they can solve the issue? Are they going to consider replacing that phone as it's not barely use? I hope so. Who would even buy in this community a junk phone from 7200 to 5000 aed here? I assumed no one. I still have high hopes samsung. We will see in the next few days what you will do. So to those who wants to buy this kind of phone, maybe try to really check the phone in the first few days after buying so you can see the issue immediately. However, in my case I experienced it only after almost 2 months of using. 
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For assistance, please visit one of our authorized Service Centers to check it for you. You may refer to the link it will guide you to the nearest service center to your location https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/service-center/