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S Pen as mouse??

(Topic created on: 04-01-2023 05:28 PM)
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Galaxy Fold
I've been a note 10 user and I just switched to Z Fold 4 because of it's tablet feature. I use spreadsheet oftentimes due to the nature of my work that's why I switched to fold 4 to take advantage of the wide screen so I can still work even without my laptop. 

I've read online that there is a third party app that you can use to turn your s-pen as an air mouse. Unfortunately this app only works on note 10 and I'm looking for the same for my fold 4 as it is really difficult to use the touch feature of the phone when you are working on excel sheet to highlight cells etc.

I know there's an option to get a mouse but if the s-pen works as a mouse, I would choose the s-pen because it's handy.

Any recommendations on this will be appreciated.