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Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Highlights - Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Galaxy Fold

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Hope you all have enjoyed the big event. Here are some highlights for the devices introduced in Unpacked 2020. For each device, I will be posting a separate post. In this, we will take a closer look at Galaxy Z Fold 2


4. Galaxy Z Fold 2


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Galaxy Z Fold 2 will benefit from it having a larger internal display than before, measuring 7.6in - up from 7.3in in the original version.

Z Fold 2 has a full-size 6.2-inch screen that covers the entire front of the phone, making it far more usable without having to unfold the larger display. The main display is also bigger, at 7.6 inches. And the weird, notched corner that marred the top-right corner of the flexible interior panel is gone, too, replaced by a less obtrusive hole-punch camera that takes up far less space on the folding OLED screen, which now runs at up to a 120Hz refresh rate

Like the Galaxy Z Flip, the Z Fold 2 is switching from the fragile plastic screen to the same ultra-thin glass, which should be less prone to damage than the original. Samsung is also bringing its “Flex Mode” from the Z Flip, allowing the Z Fold 2 to be used in halfway-open configurations and stood up on a desk. The phone is thinner overall (it’s 6mm thick) and has a thinner gap between the displays, making it easier to fit into your pocket. Samsung says that it’s reengineered the hinge, too, for greater durability. The new hinge also features what Samsung calls “a sweeper,” which uses elastic fibers to clean dust or debris out from the hinge to prevent damage to the display.


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Galaxy Fold
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Galaxy Fold

For sure one of our favorite devices! We love the flexiblity the Galaxy Fold2 gives you, and the wider screen to watch content you love.