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Dual WhatsApp Backup not working

(Topic created on: 11-19-2021 01:16 PM)
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I have a probelm with Galaxy Z fold 3, i have dual aim and enable dual messaging for whatsapp, but the second account of whatsapp never gets restoring the backups... Very annoying since it was working fine on Galaxy Note 20 ultra 
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Please note that the issue caused in Dual Whats App as recently Whats App upgraded its version and it changed the file path where all media files are to be saved.

Due to this change, Dual Messenger did not sync media saved at new path and so this is causing problem. Dual IM media sync logic is modified as per the new file path used by Whats App.

Please backup your files before device MR update (Whats App`backup : Whats App settings -> chats -> chat backup -> Google drive).