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Don't buy fold products from samsung

(Topic created on: 09-10-2022 02:31 PM)
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Please be careful while buying fold mobiles.I have bought fold3 and there for screen protector problem.It is pre installed when I got phone.There was bubble formation and when visited they say the protector is not covered under warranty and we need to change the protector at our cost. in UAE I visited four Samsung care centers and none of them have stock also.They also say if we change screen protector outside warranty doesn't cover for damage.Beyound warranty they give care plus free for the warranty period only.Just not mentioning when they sell what all things cover and what not in sales part.Just want to sell and customers doesn't know what inside /outside parts coverered.we spend lot amount on brand and they become useless company when it comes to service.please be clear and do purchase.Prevention of purchase is better than suffering.
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