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Cover Screen and Open Phone to Answer Issue - Galaxy Z Flip

(Topic created on: 04-02-2020 05:48 PM)
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Galaxy Fold

I have the Z Flip since i opened it last March 21 but today April 2 i am facing 2 issues on this phone which are the cover screen crashes and doesn't display anything at all (clock, notifications, calls,camera) without restarting it again and again. 2nd issue is the open phone to answer call feature is not working despite having it on on the settings.

Samsung support said to have it on safe mode then reset the settings of the Z flip but still the same issues.

Anyone facing the same and is successful for any support at all? I am very careful using this phone, without scratches or falls and is properly handled. I Installed some 3rd party apps recently but im sure it shouldn't affect a cover screen and call feature, right?

Please help.