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Z Flip4 - first thoughts

(Topic created on: 08-12-2022 11:16 PM)
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And we have the new Galaxy Z Flip4! This phone and that Bora Purple definitely brought some ooohs and aaaahs 💜


Trust Samsung to pick a colour, find the perfect shade and make it a statement phone!

And if the purple wasn't enough, I loved all the other shades of this new launch - Pink Gold, Graphite and Blue

Apart from the colours, I love FlexCam which lets you keep your phone in whichever angle to capture content and the flexibility to take selfies or selfie videos using the back camera 💯

What I particularly like about the body of the phone is it's edges which clearly has a much cleaner and chic look, not to mention the thinner hinge.

And even more so than all this, I love the Bespoke Edition! You get to customise your Z Flip4 the way you like it 😱


What did you think about Unpacked? To all the Emily in Paris fans, I loved the beginning of Unpacked 👌🏼

And tell me what did you like about the new Galaxy Z Flip4 😁

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We love this - thanks for sharing 😍

Don't forget to check out Samsung.com to pre-order today 🛒