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😍 Attending The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023

(Topic created on: 07-19-2023 10:37 AM)
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Little I knew on November 8 2016, when I posted my first review here on Samsung Members, that it will lead me to attending in person, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event in Seoul South Korea!

I was honored by Samsung Gulf to get invited to the event on the 26th of July 2023. This once in a lifetime opportunity is nothing short of a dream come true.


As a longtime Samsung Daily User, Advocate, Fan, owning more than 20+ current active devices between TVs, Tablets, Phones, Watches, Buds, Tags, and so sunk in the Samsung Eco system, it’s like taking a kid to Disney Land.

I am happy and honored to represent you fellow members in the Event, and I will be sharing this amazing experience during my stay over there from Photos, Exclusives, Hands-Ons, Quick Reviews and Videos.

There are a lot of exciting and groundbreaking things to be unpacked, and I can’t want to share them with you.

Make sure to register your interest online on the Samsung Website, as it will unlock exclusive benefits & rewards as shown below in the screenshot. 


Make sure to follow me & tell me what are you most excited about, and what you would like me to cover and report back.

Stay Tuned!

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We can't wait to see what unfolds πŸ˜Ž

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Same here
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Congratulations 🎊 πŸ’ πŸŽ‰ to