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The 'always-on' display on Samsung c9 pro keeps on flickering. I have checked and it is a common problem with other c9 pro users as well. I have checked the solution given by the admin shows the arrogance of Samsung's developers where they think they are God and nothing can go wrong with their software. Please keep arrogance aside and admit that this is an issue at least let us know straightforwardly if you can resolve this or not. Don't beat around the bush. Really annoying for the customers as Samsung is the fastest among all brands to leave behind their old mobile models.


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Rajashree Sengupta

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Yaah This Flickring Issue i Have Also Face So You Have Of AOD Display And i Also Off Aod Display Brightness is Set To Liitle bit High So Aod Display Working Fine Because C9 Pro is S Amloed Display So That is Wait For New Update So Fix Aod Display Flickering Problem And Battery Drain Problem I Dont No Why Stupid Samsung Late C Series New Update Why So Late I Also Wait For New Update.
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yes at low brightness Flickring issue occurs same issue is with me i taught its my displays problem.