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mobile battery

Posted in: Galaxy C

My c9 pro's battery is very bad. It never reaches 90% . I have once charged the phone whole night but same problem. Please fix it

samsung C9 Pro

Posted in: Galaxy C

I am Galaxy c9 pro user. My always on display not working because of last years update .. and I found lot of videos on youtube so they also said go on samsung member so this Is my request plz can u fix this bug and also fix samsung c9 pro blinking di...

Wifi Support

Posted in: Galaxy C

I have find out in device setting but not found about the support of Galaxy C9 Pro supports WiFi calling or not. Please help me does it support or not?

C9 Pro update

Posted in: Galaxy C

Hello Sumsung,I am love your all product and i really like them.So my question is recently i am using Samsung C9pro and i want to know when do you give a softwear update of this phone.Thanks & Regards

heating and slow charging problem

Posted in: Galaxy C

I have c9pro. But it is heating in charging and also in use of Internet. In fast charger it is slow and sometime stop on some percentage of charging.Give me solution why happen this?And Can I expect android update 9 or 10?