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fast charging problem

Posted in: Galaxy C

My samsung c9 pro does not support fast charging Please help meAnd send some updates because samsung does not send any new updates from long time for samsung C9 pro

Posted by: goku100
Beginner Level 2

Annoying Software Update

Posted in: Galaxy C

Every time i find there is a software update available from Samsung i get scared. I shudder at the idea of updating and getting another bloatware in my phone.These updates have nothing but added bloatwares in the garb of security patch. And that too,...

Posted by: ABob
Active Level 1

Wi-Fi connection problem

Posted in: Galaxy C

hi guys I have using c7 pro handsets , an I have another handset of c7 pro . from some pass day I getting trouble for Wi-Fi connection in both handset .but in another handset the Wi-Fi connection is connected and I have this same problem in m30s also...

wifi calling

Posted in: Galaxy C

I had reset my Samsung c9 pro.. and again wifi calling is disappered. Please reinstall it and there is some bug while connect the usb c port....please fix my both problems.

Software update

Posted in: Galaxy C

When will Samsung galaxy c9 pro android 10 will be official update. Since from past 1 to 2 years there is no any security & software update.


Posted in: Galaxy C

I own C9 Pro, my display got damaged and am trying to resolve it, kindly give some suggestion and cost wise cheaper to work it.

Application to work as answering machine

Posted in: Galaxy C

I am using Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro handset and I am looking for an application which can work as Answering Machine on my phone.In case if I can't take incoming calls, application should auto answer the caller with pre-recorded voice.Anyone has any idea...

Posted by: dmjoshi
Active Level 4