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whatsapp images and documents disappear in my phone after update

(Topic created on: 06-17-2024 11:45 AM)
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My phone was recently having a software update and after that all the images and documents disappeared from my device telling images are not in your gallery so tell the sender to send it again and when I checked gallery everything disappeared.Is it the updates problem or phone.The phone is samsung a72
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Next time, before any software update, backup your data
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Sometimes updates have an issue, but after time, they come good
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Please follow the following troubleshooting steps, which might help to solve the issue:

Turn on Show hidden system files:
Open the My Files app.
Tap the three vertical dots icon for More Options.
Select Settings.
Turn on the “show hidden system files” switch.
Check the trash in My Files and Gallery:
In My Files, open the Recycle bin folder.
Locate the missing file(s), then long-press to select them.
Tap Restore all.
Check if the missing files are restored in the Gallery app.

In Gallery:
Tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines).
Navigate to the Recycle bin folder.
Long-press the desired image(s) to select them.
Tap Restore.
Check synced files:
Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
Open the Gallery app.
Verify that the missing images are not present in any albums.
Check if the missing images are available in Samsung Cloud or OneDrive.
Via Samsung Cloud App:
Launch the Samsung Cloud app.
Look for the missing images under Gallery.
If necessary, sync the images with Microsoft OneDrive.
Alternative Method:
Open the Settings app.
Go to Accounts and Backup.
Select Samsung Cloud.
Look for the missing images.
Restore the Gallery files backup data:
Open the Samsung Cloud app.
Tap Restore Data.
Choose Gallery.
Tap Restore.
Wait for the process to complete.
Note: If there is no backup data available for the Gallery, it won’t be possible to restore the lost files.