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please add some more security options in setting menu.
like if anyone(including me) want to switched off my mobile phone then they have to authenticate his self, if this is not me then do not switch off mobile phone. and at least when my phone is locked it have to be authenticate my self when anyone want to switched off my phone.

now those who dint want this feature than they can be disable it from the setting menu.

this feature is really very much means to me because i have worried about my cell. like if my phone is stolen by any unknown person and he does not know my password then he also can switched off my cell and i will helpless then.

so, this one feature have to be added in my cell phone (samsung galaxy a520) OS 7.0 .
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My fingerprint scanner is not working. a3 2017. I've tried many ...... to solve that issue. they said I need to change my software