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frequently hang and restart problem in samsung A51

(Topic created on: 08-01-2021 05:20 PM)
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i m very very disappointed about samsung mobile A51. i have purchase before 1 year. after 6 month suddenly Samsung A51 phone has been restart in more than 100 times( frequently restart problem)in a day. so, I just go in service center and explain my problem , so he was check and software update but problem not solved. then he tell me. he change motherboard and temporary problem solved. but at the same time I asked him tell me dear if this problem occurred after warranty then what your answer. he has no answer. after 6 month same problem again repeat. i purchase my phone in 23000/- rs. total losses. if any samsung service person can help me call on (9428166731). very very bad experience in samsung phone. very bad quality and service. i request to all of member pl. don't purchase this type of product.
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Dear Dhaval,

I'm facing the same issue. If you've resolved the issue kindly let me know.