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finally the second Ota update released for Kuwait samsungs

(Topic created on: 09-04-2019 12:48 AM)
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Hey guys this is your technical friend Jeet !! And today I'll be talking about the letest security patch update which I've received just 2-3days back and whatever the major changes I mentioned about the the future software updates is already featured in this update guys. this time you can say a very good job done by Samsung because they upgraded the camera by adding 3 more new features 1. Super-slowmo 2. Night sight mode and 3. Super steady mode in video and also they fixed the fast battery draining issue as well one more thing I observed that is the on display finger scanner. That is also little faster than before. Which Is really great. Well I must say smasung really good job this time. Well guys I've already made one video related to this software update u'll find the link in the description below.
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