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charging issue

(Topic created on: 10-03-2019 05:37 PM)
Beginner Level 4
Galaxy A
A few months back (2or3) I bought Samsung galaxy A50. The phone experience was  great but suddenly it stopped charging. A notification pops on the top saying USB connected then again saying USB disconnected.  
I can bet both my kidneys that there is no physical damage or water damage .
But even so it not bing charging .
I can't take it to the samsang service center right away,because I bought  this from another country! 
 What should I do now ??

Active Level 6
Galaxy A
well first of all check with local Samsung service center weather guarantee is eligible because purchased from another country. it is feasible to take phone to local derive center because you cannot do nothing. only solution is take handset to local Samsung service center
Active Level 1
Galaxy A
I recommend checking out the charger, make sure the docking part isn't bent at all. Also if you have a spare charger try it with that, if it works and neither are bent look to see if the pins are damaged. This can happen with slightly aggressive pulling out the cable or dropping the phone while plugged in.
If you can't find anything wrong I believe you should still be able to take it to the service centre if you're in one of the listed countries.
If you're not in one you can go still just without the warranty.