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Camera zoomed in

Posted in: Galaxy A

Why is my camera zoomed in in social media apps like snapchat, facebook, instagram and whatsapp and quality is **bleep** af. Please help someone. My phone is A30

ONE UI Features in 2017 Samsung phones

Posted in: Galaxy A

Since 2017 phones are still receiving security updates and they are not going to receive Androud pie 9.0. Why Samsung not at least push features of one UI in older samsung phones? Like, dark mode, one hand mode, theme, gestures, icon pack etc.

Galaxy A70 Fingerprint Issue

Posted in: Galaxy A

I had received a software update after which fingerprint transition turned green but it's less accurate then before now some times unlocks slower than beforeAddress this issue please


Posted in: Galaxy A

Is there any way or any app to increase the volume of main speakers of Galaxy A30? It seems to be a little cheap at this price...