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Battery Full Notification

Posted in: Galaxy A

Does anyone noticed that battery full notification gone after latest update on A50 ? I have tried clearing cache but it didn't helped. That the way I get to known that tickle charge is done and I can unplug my device. Hope Samsung will notice this is...

samsung A30 4G signal issue

Posted in: Galaxy A

I recently bought A30 and meanwhile experience some 4G singal dropping issue with the device. I asked from several A series users and some of them also have the same issue. When the issue arise need to reset the device or put the network to flightmod...

Posted by: Thimi
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Weather widget doesn't work since months

Posted in: Galaxy A

My weather widget doesn't work since 2 months. I've reported about this and they said to uninstall and install the weather app. But i couldn't disable or uninstall it. Eventhough i cleared app data and cache, it didn't worked. Please tell me how to u...

need some features for A10

Posted in: Galaxy A

->Add screen recorder features and add screenshot and screen recorder in notification panel.->Always on display option->New versions are available for every Samsung applications but can't install or update in A10. Fixed it.

Posted by: aji11
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