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Samsung Mobile Resolved!

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උඹලා කවුරුහරි ආපහු Samsung phone එකක් ගන්නවද? 🤣මමනන් නෑ..

Posted by: nipoo
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android 10 A50

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Ok guys listen up.... If ur facing some lags in A50 after android 10 update.. just do this Go to safe mode but the thing is DONT factory reset the Device.. just go to the safe mode then reopen the apps which are enabled in safe mode.. shuffle through...


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After the update of A50 front camera is shown as 16 MP on 3:4H high mode.Anyone notice that? Why? Actually our front camera is 25 MP no.

Posted by: athif25
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A30s Software Update

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A30s එකට Android 10 එවන්න බැයිනම් security update එකක්වත් එවහන්කො.November 1 ට පස්සෙ update එකක් ඇවිත් නෑ SL ඒවාට.මන් දන්න විදිහට නම් A10 A10s A20 A20s A30 වලට update 2 3ක් ආවා.ගනන් වැඩි phone වලට update නැද්ද?Phone එක ඇවිත් මාස 3ක ඉදන් update නෑ.ලංක...


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ඇයි Samsung phones වලට update පරක්කු 😖. අනිත් රටවල් වලට 10 update එක දීලා. අපිට නෑ. ඇයි ඒ ?

Posted by: Nîshan
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