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bought a71 week ago . I'm curious about battery performance,only giving 7 hours of screen time on very low usage(no heavy gaming or camera usage etc).is it normal because YouTube drain test videos indicate a whole different picture. A helpful response needed. thank you!
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ap always on bund kren brightness ko aouto par kren thek ho jae ga
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always on display off kre and location b jb zrort na ho battery life achi hogi phr
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Hi, Thank you for your interest. Please go to mobile settings, select the option 'device management'. Make sure your device is 'optimized'. After that open 'memory' and 'storage' options and clear them. This should help to improve the battery time of your Samsung smartphone.


I'm a battery freak and the reason I bought this A71 is because of good battery reviews. Sadly, it's 4th day since I bought this phone and I'm very much disappointed. My old J7 2016 performs better than this phone after 4 years of usage. 


Before you advise me about battery saving measures let me clear it that I have done the following things from the day I got the phone;


> Screen Brightness to 5% all the time.

> Dark mode on from day 1.

> Black solid color Amoled Wallpaper from day 1.

> No location, GPS use.

> Not a gamer at all.

> Always-on display off from day 1.

> Bixby disabled from day 1.

> Animations disabled.

> Not opting to vivid mode because I thought it might consume battery.

> No issue of poor signals on cellular service.

> Battery saving mode on.



I charged my phone to 100% last night and before I sleep I optimized the phone and there was no app running in the background and I even turned off the wifi with Brightness lowered to 5%. I woke up after 5 hours and saw my battery at 96%. The stats show no background app or screen on time but still this battery drop. Why is it happening? 


This is about last night. My phone got stuck at 98% and it was there for 25 mins. I plugged out and plugged in again it jumped to 100%. 


Phone is amazing but I'm seriously disappointed by the battery life of this phone. I'm not a heavy user. I only use Twitter, Samsung Notes, Chrome to browse and some audios already present in my phone memory. 


Somebody help me with this battery issue.