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->The fingerprint sensor in galaxy A50 is very slow the technology is good & impressive but what about the accuracy of finger print?.a part from fingerprint sensor it will take 1 finger as a two, If we add same finger thier is no warning like this bio matric is already added directly it accepts even the same fingerprint is already added please solve the issues ASP ->Not only the fingerprint sensors,the face unlock is also not safe it unlock even eyes are close.

->And when the device is restar of switch on it will take much time to load the content. Like it show preparing your apps. This the issue I face.
 ->Under the camara we have issue is the picture in day light is over exopose the color. And slow motion is very worest please try to improve the slow motion frame rates. And the galaxy A50 is supports the 4k video recording? Try to add the 4k video recording of both front & rear cameras. note: add the slow motion features in front camara with good image clarity.please add some AI features for back camaras it's my suggestion.

-> a part of UI the ONE UI is very good but Some lags are facing when opening the apps Freshly it will take time to open. The UI is lagging when we use the mobile continuously of 2.5hrs.

->about charging The galaxy A50 is good in battery performance And charging of galaxy A50 is good when the mobile charging under switch off condensation. When on condensation charging so what difficult to charge 90% to 100% it will take more than 30min

 ->audio department Under the audio department output speaker is good while using earphones with good brand or which provide by Samsung earphones the DOLBY ATMOS is not working and no difference with & without DOLBY ATMOS . Their is no notification while plugging the audio Jack and not showing whether the earphones is connected or not at near the notch display

 ->under date and time notification while using the mobile top left corner is available but it doesn't show whether is PM or AM. note: please have a look above the problems what we facing with Samsung galaxy A50 so please have a look and improve the issues Regarding security the Samsung is very poor Please have look under security department 
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