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Wrost product Samsung A70

(Topic created on: 05-17-2021 08:16 PM)
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Galaxy A
Such a wrost product of samsung, im facing 3 major issues mentioned below.

1. Finger print is like nightmare, set is openi g in almost 3rd to 4th attempt or every time need to clean the thumb.

2. Speaker is almost dead to listen if im in slightly noisy room, like a family room having a child.

3. Phone internet modem is wrost ever i had been used the phones. It stopped work for 20 to 30 sec after a unknown interval on daily basis 5 to 10 times even on wifi or data net and it disturbed any meeting or a game any thing you are doing on the phone.

Anyone faces the above-mentioned issues or any one know the solution, please let me know.
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Galaxy A
You need to reset your phone