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Urgent need of Updating A12 127F

(Topic created on: 08-25-2023 02:35 AM)
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Galaxy A
Hı Samsung team, costumer care team!!

İ would LIKE to tell you that your product A12 is good, excellent for photography, lights weight games, low simulation games, best for social apps except Meta apps specially Facebook, theards, whatapp (beta) , whatapp business. 
Longer calling, phone, Speakers, dual microphone, 
initially android 11 One UI 3.1 upgraded to andriod 13 one Uİ 5.1 (Downgrading not possible, currently software have its latest version). Longer storages. Etc.. 

There are some lacking features, ie compass, dual sim On mode, always display mode, E sim, 

Beside these things., now i am facing a huge software disturbance ie i feel software crashing, as now days phone hangs whenever i open whatapp, ınstagram, game launcher, etc now Opening the member app, it show system stop working. İ remove many apps which i used earlier maınly meta apps. 
One other things is wifi Intelligence feature CANNOT catch low sıgnal of UFONE , PTCL.. When sıgnal are high or hd Quality then it capture them quickly.
And also, galaxy themes; i applied themes which compatible with android system (before last updating), it stop Working, phone hang while opening, closing of phone's apps. After updating, So, i change the theme and apply newly dowloaded theme from system default Theme app (galaxy themes), but again that not work properly.🙏 (after updating) 

These are frequently occur; hanging problems. (after a month from updating) in Results affect the battery (drainage fast. 🙏). 

Thus, Sir /Madam have a look on it. 

İ want that software builder (Samsung) take action, determine the bugs, lacks, error in last upgraded software firmware. And will send new updat of frimware to user. 

Upgraded to Android 13 one UI 5.1
Last updated in 30 June 23
Updated Android Security Patch 1 june 23. 
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Galaxy A
I tested the phone without WiFi connection.

Result is that for just giving misbell to other phone, battery dowm to 1 % as like camera do, after clicking one shot 1% down

Testing For 15 hr +;
Only few phone calling + using camera , reduce battery to 65% from 85 %.

This majorly occur after last update.
Before last update these things are little. (not frequently occurred)

Whatsapp apps stop working, screen hang while using it.

Sometime open phone or reboot the phone take long time to functional..

2 year feedback..
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Gmail not reponding..
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Galaxy A
When app left open in recent tab,
It draining battery. Even if not using the phone and WiFi is off....