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When will the  Samsung galaxy A70s model update function come into effect?
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Please check from here!👇
Eligible Models


 - Galaxy A21s (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy Tab A7(2020) (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A22 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M32 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A12 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy F42 5G (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A22 5G (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A01 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A11 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M11 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M01 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M02s (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M02 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A03s (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M12 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2022-Aug)


* Models for which the initially scheduled update time period has changed, have been highlighted in blue. 


Update Completed


- Galaxy M22 (2022-Jun)

- Galaxy M51 (2022-Jun)

- Galaxy A32 (2022-Jun)

- Galaxy Tab S6 (2022-May)

- Galaxy M32 5G (2022-May)

- Galaxy M21 (2022-May)

- Galaxy A51 (2022-May)

- Galaxy A71 (2022-May)

- Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022-Apr)

- Galaxy Tab S7 FE (2022-Apr)

- Galaxy M42 5G (2022-Apr)

- Galaxy M31 (2022-Apr)

- Galaxy Tab S7 Lite (2022-Apr)

- Galaxy Tab A4+(2020) (2022-Apr)

- Galaxy M52 5G (2022-Mar)

- Galaxy A52s 5G (2022-Feb)

- Galaxy A72 (2022-Feb)

- Galaxy S10e (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy S10 (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy S10+ (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Note10 (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Note10+ (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Z Flip (2022-Jan)

- Note10 Lite (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Note20 5G (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Z Fold2 5G/LTE (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy S20 (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy S20+ (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy S20 FE 5G (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Tab S7+ (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy Tab S7 (2022-Jan)

- Galaxy A52 (2022-Jan)


 - Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (2021-Dec)

 - Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (2021-Dec)

 - Galaxy S21 5G (2021-Nov)

 - Galaxy S21+ 5G (2021-Nov)

 - Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (2021-Nov)


Providing a continued great experience is our first priority.


Update schedule and eligible models could be changed if we encounter any issues through ongoing review.


The update may also be halted for a while even after the official update, when an emergency fix is occurred.


We will notify through Samsung Members if there is any schedule or model list changes.



* Depending on model and country or network operator, supported functions and schedule may change.

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Currently galaxy A70s receives biannual security updates. Meanning that it only receives 2 updates for the year.
Check this for more information

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Hi... A70s getting 2 years of Android upgrades. After that only get security updates for around a year. Now A70s completed 2 years of Android upgrades and won't get the Android 12 and upcoming Android upgrades.
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Your device already received the major updates.. u can expect security patches in future...
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Since it already received two OS updates, as promised by Samsung, it is ineligible for Android 12. However, in the future, security fixes might be anticipated.

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