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Type c headphone not compatible with call in Samsung galaxy A51

(Topic created on: 08-19-2022 08:58 PM)
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 I have samsung galaxy a51 , I brought samsung galaxy akg type-c original headset and it's work fine sounds like hearing song ,but it's not work with calls. calls sounds is out from phone inbuilt speakers. I checked that ear phone with another a51 that problem also happen with that a51. But i tried that headphone with some mid range redmi devices and samsung s10 then that problem is not there how can i fix this problem please help me .
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Hi... try these things.

1. Go to Settings -> Developer options -> 'Disable USB audio routing'
(Turn off this function if it's turned on)

2. try to Install Samsung ANC Type-C app if it's available on your device in Galaxy Store.

3.If you have this option on your device, turn it off
Go to Settings > Apps > Click on those 3 Dots on right top conner>special access >optimize battery> usage  > all > USB Settings > turn it off

4. Update all the system apps and available software updates when its available.

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Thank you 😊