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Software Improvements

(Topic created on: 04-09-2022 07:53 PM)
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Raise hand who need some improvement in samsung one ui platform. which are, 

1.Network speed monitor status bar.
2.Fingerprints count not enough ( must alteast 5 fingers can add)
3.Need screenshot 3 finger gasture or status bar button
4.Auto scroll screenshot option.
5.Need an option separately on/off option to apps for control mobile data/wifi settings.



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Good suggestions ✌️
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Agree with you. 👌🏻 And need more stock camera features too.
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Yes Good Suggestions.
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They are good suggestions, however some of the suggestions are already available/can be achieved by using alternative methods. Here are they

2) You can add two fingers at the same time when you adding one fingerprint. Just scan one finger, let the percentage go up, then scan the other finger till percentage go up. Do this till 100% while switching the fingers.
(For More Details : Visit SamsungInAMinute YT channel)

3) Can use the palm to get a screen shot. Enable it in the Advanced Features > Motion and Gestures > Plam swipe to capture

4) There's manual scroll capture, but auto scroll capture is nice to have.

5) This is already available in the Connection > Data Usage > Mobile data only apps. Turn it on while both wifi and mobile data is turned on. Then add the apps you want to use with mobile data. (This comes handy when using Unlimited YT/Social media packages)

PS: Use NetSpeed Indicator to see the network speed in the status bar. Its a very lightweight app.
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Great suggestions 👍🏻
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Great Suggestions 👍